About Tim Smith & Wheelwright Associates

Wheelwright Associates

I chose the name Wheelwright Associates  back in 1995 after leaving a position as VP and Senior Consultant with Senn-Delaney Leadership Consulting Group. My intention was to draw metaphorically on its meaning in several ways. First, and most importantly, the wheel is a universal symbol of wholeness, and interconnected strength.

From the hub to the spokes and rim, the metaphor can be extended into the world of individual and organizational development (see Dr. Dan Siegal's Wheel of Awareness ).  A wheelwright is one who works to keep things rolling by insuring that the wheels are balanced, aligned, a true to their purpose, which is moving the individual or enterprise further down the path.  The wheel of the Dharma, or truth, refers to the buddhist teachings on enlightened action and universal connection.
Within the circle of the wheel, things are more unified, congruent and connected.  

Timothy Smith/Wheelwright Associates

Timothy L. Smith

A student of human behavior, Tim brings a unique perspective informed by his interests in philosophy, psychology and Buddhism.

He holds a BA in Philosophy from Cal St. Univ. Long Beach, and an MS in Organizational Development from Chapman University.  His other training includes Jungian Psychology, the Narrative Enneagram, and many hours of formal and informal meditation with Stan Grof, Jack Kornfield, Surya Das and many others.

He's worked in organizations large and small, from the U.S. Government and what is now Verizon, to startups and has a broad and inclusive grasp of organizational dynamics.

He lives with his wife in Carmel Valley where he enjoys the beauty of nature, motorcycling and tennis as outdoor activities.

Current Practice

Wheelwright Associates' focus is primarily on smaller, early-stage companies whose younger leaders can benefit from our experience with people and processes organizationally.  

Young organizations have particular leadership needs that, if left unmet or undeveloped, can have clear, detrimental impacts on successful growth and financial outcomes.  Beginning with the senior team, we work to provide meaningful developmental feedback to the C-suite and their managerial chain of command.