Leadership & Organizational Development through Self-Awareness

Leadership & Organizational Development through Self-Awareness

Leadership & Organizational Development through Self-AwarenessLeadership & Organizational Development through Self-Awareness



Executive Development

Legend has it that over the entrance to the cave of the oracle at Delphi, in ancient Greece were carved the words, Gnothi Seauton—'know thyself'.

Wisdom begins with self-awareness, and leadership wisdom is no different than any other form of enlightened action. Understanding self and how it shapes results through relationships is the focus of our Enneagram based executive development coaching process.

Participants are exposed to deeper levels of self understanding through a process of appreciative inquiry and self- reflection that leads to healthier relationships at work and in life generally.

Real-time, meaningful feedback from peers and associates is a key part of the ongoing process focused on listening, reflecting and acting on insights gained. Building self-awareness is the key to any successful leadership development process.  


Leadership Team Development

Building on the process described in the section on Executive Coaching, Leadership Team Development moves the process of one-on-one relationships onto the larger field of leadership team play.

High performing teams have, at their core, a solid set of shared values around working together, communicating as a team, and performance metrics.  Through gathered feedback and individual coaching for greater self-awareness,  the team is prepared to meet together and discuss, from each individual's perspective, the learnings, desires and aspirations that drive team dynamics.

From that place of greater mutual understanding and alignment, the team moves forward together, able to more effectively address challenges as they arise, and modeling leadership values for the rest of the organization.


Organizational Inquiry & Intervention

Ultimately, the goal of any organizational development enterprise should be to align individuals around the companies 3 elements of operation:  

Strategy—where we are going 

Structure—how we organize to get there 

Culture—the way we work together to achieve success.

Finding out where things are aligned, where they are not and why not, and working to bring the entire enterprise into balance and alignment is the broad goal.

Working with leader/managers at all levels, our process seeks to develop the skills of individuals throughout the organization to better communicate and respond to the ongoing needs of the company.  This process is particularly important to startups on the cusp of exponential growth that must find ways to scale rapidly to meet demand.